Re: Help with Group Policy Setting!

You can use Group Filtering to accomplish this.
1. remove authenticated users from the scope tab on GPMC
2. add group that contains all affected users (leave out those you don't
want to process the setting.
3. the specific permissions to apply group policy are Read and Apply Group
Policy. If the user doens't have that they won't be affected by the GPO...
4. authenticated users by defult have read and apply Group Policy...

"OrlandoTommy" <OrlandoTommy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>I have set up a domain wide group policy setting to Redirect all my users
> documents folders to a network share. There are a few computers that I
> dont
> want to have partake in this, how do i exclude certain machines from this
> new
> group policy on the domain. Please be specific.
> Thanks,
> Tommy