Re: GROUP Policy through a firewall

ICMP must be enabled across any routers and firewalls. Without it the
computers cant find the DC to apply Group Policy.
If you run rsop or gp results on the workstations, do you get any indication
of errors?

"scale" <coffin@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
> My servers sit behind a firewall and all my workinstations are out in
> the field so to speak. I can log into the server and map drives and
> junk just fine. MY policies dont work at all unless i put them on the
> lan where the servers are. This goes for both user and comptuer policy.
> I have windows 2003 ent servers and my workstations are 2000 or xp
> based.
> ANy thoughts? Ports i should open?
> I dont think it is blocking anything because the logs come up blank but
> it is about the only thing i can think of.
> please help.