Re: Remove GP after a number of mistakes?

What you need to do is unlink the GPO to that particular OU or the
domain. If you unlink the GPO all you're doing is removing the
association between the OU (or domain) and the GPO that you created.
What you'll have then is a standalone GPO. It's there, but it's not
affecting anything. Once you have unlinked the GPO and your users
logoff and back on (or your refresh rate kicks in) they will no longer
have any GPO's and they'll be back to normal. I wouldn't just delete
the GPO even though that would probably work as well.

When creating GPO's Microsoft uses pretty easy logic. They use the old
KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) approach. Group Policy can get really
complicated if you try and do too much. You mentioned that your users
cannot access some of your intranet and other external sites. It seems
like the GPO that you created was more complicated than it needs to be.
What is it that you're trying to accomplish via GPO? Tell me what you
want your users to be able to do, or not do. We'll work this out for

Brian Chernicoff