Re: How to configure local PC group membership via Group Policy?

Hi Simon

Thanks for your reply. I can't get my head around how this works (or get it
to work for that matter :(

The server is a W2003 Server, with WXP Clients.
I create a new GPO and call it say RestrictedGroups.
I Edit RestrictedGroups (Computer Configuration / Windows Settings /
Security Settings / Restricted Groups)
There are three configuration points here;
First is Add Group (I'm assuming I need to create a security group
for this purpose first and browse to it here)
So let's just say I created a security group called TestRG, and have
browsed to and selected it here
Next is members of this group
Again I can browse to a Domain based security group or user and add
them in here
Finally 'This group is a member of'
I can only browse to Domain based groups here, not local groups?

What I want to be able to do is make a Domain level Security Group a member
of a Local Built In Windows XP Security Group on a selection of Windows XP
computers (based on OU membership) from the server via Group Policy. From
what I have read researching Restricted Groups this seems to be the way to
do it but I seem to be missing something as it doesn't seem to be working.
The members and the members of that I am configuring just aren't working?


Thanks Simon

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"Simon Geary" <simon_geary@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> You can use restricted groups to do this.
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>> Does anyone know how to do this?
>> Basically I want to be able to configure local security group membership
>> on Windows XP PC's via Group Policy from a Windows 2003 Server.
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