Re: Windows File Protection/'Wrong CD' Problem

Hi, Tom.

Hey, I just saw your notebook featured on the back covers of both PC World and PC Magazine. That looks like a very nice rig! And the ad says, "Start something noteworthy with pre-installed Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005." It gives a link (, but that is only for sales, of course, with no hint of what to do in case of a problem with one.

In just a couple of minutes, though, starting at the home page and clicking Support, then "What is Gateway System Recovery", I found the page you need. One sentence says, "With a media-less computer, you now have all of your drivers, applications, and operating system backup files installed on a protected recovery partition of your hard drive." And it says "you can create your own set of backup media". I didn't follow the links from there because I don't have a Gateway or the support documents or that protected partition with all those files and probably would not have understood further instructions.

For an OEM-installed WinXP, your support comes from the OEM, not from Microsoft.

Even with my full WinXP CD, though, I've been confronted with the dilemma you saw: It asks for the SP2 CD-ROM, but when I put the original, MS-logoed, received-directly-from-Microsoft CD in, it says "wrong disk"! :>( Someone at Microsoft really dropped the ball on that one! I have to insert my WinXP-with-SP2-integrated CD-ROM for WFP to find the files it needs. In your case, it might be as simple as pointing to that hidden partition, but I'm only guessing about that and don't know how to do it.

When you get it figured out, please post back and let us know what to tell the next poster with a similar problem. In a newsgroup, we all learn from each other. ;<)

R. C. White, CPA
San Marcos, TX
Microsoft Windows MVP

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Thanks for your comments and suggestion regarding contacting Gateway
support. The fact is that that was the first thing I did, though I failed to
mention it here because Gateway's support's advice was, let as say, less than
reasonable. To wit, "Take the 2-disc System Recovery Disks that came with
the machine, insert them and follow the instructions." Fortunately, I read
the warning printed clearly on each disc,

  WARNING: The recovery process erases all data and files from the hard

That's not a reasonable solution for me (though an easy one for tech
Given that Microsoft's system prompt,

"Files that are required for Windows to run properly have been replaced by
unrecognized versions. To maintain system stability, Windows must restore the
original versions of these files.

"Insert your Windows XP Professionl Service Pack 2 CD now."

It sounds like MS has a way of replacing the unrecognized files, rather that
having me trashing all the work I had done over several days adding/replacing
programs and settings and transferring all my data files to the new machine.
After several hours researching the issue on the internet, I felt this MS
forum might be the place to get some reasonable guidance. Hopefully, someone
visiting here has had and resolved a similar problem.

One thing I know for sure--from past as well as current experience: I didn't
buy Gateway computers because of there stellar technical support. But then
neither did I choose Charter as my cable provider for their 'notorious'
service. In both cases the support personnel obviously work from 'scripts'
and, in my experience, most of the time they neither comprehend nor
accommodate to the problem or situation. Often, I know, I have a better
understanding of the problem than the support people who are suppose to be of
help. At least, I don't take everthing they tell me or tell me to do, blindly
or without question.

In sum, I feel my best chance of resolving this (and probably other problems
with Windows systems) is here: Gates way rather than Gateway.

- Tom Nielsen, EdD
 Dadeville, AL

"R. C. White" wrote:

Hi, Tom.

The BTW after your sig is the key to your problem, I suspect. WinXP Tablet
2005 is much later than SP2, which is dated August 4, 2004, and all of SP2
that is required for your system should be incorporated in it. Also, since
it was pre-installed on your computer by Gateway, you are running an OEM
version of Windows. A major part of the OEM contract between Gateway and
Microsoft requires Gateway, not Microsoft, to support Windows on that
computer. Gateway probably customized Windows to fit their computer
hardware and MS does not know what is now in the OEM Windows. When you
ordered the SP2 CD from MS, you should have told them that you have an OEM
version of Windows.

I've never had a Gateway, but I suspect that all the files you need might be
on a hidden partition within your computer. Did you get an owner's manual
with the computer? Have you read it?

Your next step should be to contact Gateway tech support. That should have
been your first step.


"Tom Nielsen" <Talla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> While using Add/Remove Programs to remove an unwanted program I > received
> the
> message:
> "Files that are required for Windows to run properly have been replaced > by
> unrecognized versions. To maintain system stability, Windows must > restore
> the
> original versions of these files.
> "Insert your Windows XP Professionl Service Pack 2 CD now."
> I had encountered this same message a week ago when I tried to install
> drivers for an Epson scanner but didn't have that CD, so I ordered the
> Windows XP Service Pack 2 CD from MS; it arrived yesterday.
> After inserting the CD Ireceived this message:
> "The CD you provided is the wrong CD.
> Please insert the Windows XP Profesional Service Pack 2CD into your > CD-ROM
> drive."
> What now?
> BTW, I am logged on with administrator privileges . The system is a new
> Gateway Convertible Notebook (CX200X) with Windows XP Tablet 2005
> installed.