Re: Remote Desktop Re-Connect

Sorry to hear that!

It's been a good long time since I tried troubleshooting this kind of issue,
but my recollection was that the key is to look for event log errors at the
server end on connection--i.e. if your machine is advertising the printer
for redirection, the server should be coughing event log messages indicating
why it can't provide a driver. Providing the driver should cure those. One
should, however, be quiite cautious about adding printer drivers to
servers--you may be better off living with the printer which does

"Michael Krantz" <mikek@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
It's port USB004.

"Bill Sanderson" <Bill_Sanderson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Glad that helped. Do check the type of port your USB-connected printer
is using. The DOT4 type is pretty common, and that KB article can help
get it redirected.


"Michael K" <MichaelK@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Thanks, Bill. Windows Security actually solves a number of problems,
including changing password.

The other items don't look like they apply to my particular case, but
are nonetheless informative.

Kind regards,
Michael K

"Bill Sanderson" wrote:

You may be able to make your local USB-connected printer available in

gives the details. I don't know whether this behavior has changed with
version 6 RDP client, which I would recommend using:

I've only one Windows Server 2003 to test against, but when I connect
to the
console session of that server, I get a "Windows Security" choice on
start menu. If I choose that, then choose Shutdown, one of the choices

(yeah--the logic is strained, but.... at least it is there.)


"Michael Krantz" <mikek@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I trying (unsuccessfully) to find an answer, I came across printer
redirection. But only one of my network printers is available from
remote session, and my local (USB) printer is not.

Also, one of the articles said I could disconnect with
but I see no disconnect on the Start menu, nor anywhere to enable
option. I see Log Off and Shut Down, neither of which serve for

Kind regards,
Michael K

"Michael Krantz" <mikek@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I use Remote Desktop Connection with XP to connect to a W2003 server.
gives me a partial bar (centered along the top edge of my screen,
perhaps two-thirds of the screen width) with minimize and close
buttons at
the right end and pinned with a push-pin icon at the left end. I use
minimize to hide the windows of the remote session and return me to
windows of my local host.

Sometimes when I reconnect after the connection is broken, I am
existing sessions with which to re-establish connection. (They
appear to be too many, but that's not important.)

The problem is that when I re-establish a connection to a session,
session no longer has the top bar on the screen, so it is very
inconvenient for me to return to my local host session. Brushing my
mouse pointer against the top edge does not reveal the bar.

Is there any way that I can get that top bar back? If it's not
pinned, I
could press the push-pin icon to keep it pinned, of course, but how
can I
get access to it, again, please?

Kind regards,
Michael K