Re: Terminal Services Client 6.0 Authentication


try and use the "Do not use authentication" option in the Advanced Tab sheet
option. This does not persist however so if you want to make it permanent
add following line to the default.rdp file (or any other saved .rdp

That will take care of it. Cheers

"trev" <noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I just installed TSC 6.0 on my WinXP Pro and WinXP MCE systems. I use the
MCE system to connect to the Pro system via RDP.

So far, all I've noticed in TSC 6.0 are new annoyances. For example, I
have always used RDP by running the command line "mstsc.exe [file
name].rdp". This always used to make the connection, and then go right to
a "Log On to Windows" dialog. But with TSC 6.0, I always get a "Remote
Desktop Connection" dialog first, and then still have to enter the (same)
credentials again on the "Log On to Windows" dialog. What is the point to
the "Remote Desktop Connection" dialog?

Also, on the "Remote Desktop Connection" dialog: Sometimes, the user name
is pre-filled as simply "User". Other times, it shows up as
"x.x.x.x\User", where x.x.x.x is the IP address. Still other times, it
appears as "User@xxxxxxx". This last case is especially irritating,
because the "User@xxxxxxx" carries over onto the "Log On to Windows"
dialog, where it causes authentication failure. So, whenever this happens
(which seems to be randomly, but often), I have to manually edit the user
name field on the "Log On to Windows" dialog, changing it from
"User@xxxxxxx" to "User". Annoying. Very.

Any info would be appreciated.