Re: Help with VNC Please....

That was a good example. However, one of two things happen:

First, either I get the same error message as before OR the vncview.exe
process starts but I never see my remote computer? The process is
running as I see it in the task manager and all......

Where it asks for my IP in the tunnel setup, is that going to be my
internal IP (192.168.x.x) since I'm connecting via SSH, or is that my
public IP?

Additionally, do I need to forward any ports on my router, like 5900 or


Sooner Al [MVP] wrote:
Have you seen this from SSH?

Here is an example of doing the same thing but using PuTTY...


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<amerar@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi Everyone,

I know this is probably basic stuff, but I'll need someone to walk me
though this. I installed VNC and I'm trying to acess my box through SSH
at home from work and I keep getting this error message: "Connection
Closed Unexpectedly".

So, here is my config:

OS: Windows XP
Server is running on Windows box and firewall is enabled.

OS: Windows XP
SSH Client: Secure Shell (from
Tunnel Config:
Comp Name: Monster Listen Port: 5900 Host:
Destination Port: 5900
Comp Name: LocalHost Listen Port: 5901 Host: Desination
Port: 5901

Why am I getting that message? Are my tunnels not set up correctly?
I try to connect using: localhost:1

Thanks for any help and walking me through the setup.


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