Re: xp remote asst with windows98? & others

I'm afraid that Remote Assistance requires Windows XP on both ends of the


"JESUSBABY" <JESUSBABY@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>I have xp prof. can I do a remote asst with win98 & other windows? If so,
> I need something called "client software?" & where do I get it? I know xp
> to
> xp by default & I tried with another xp user & it sent her e-mail request
> for
> asst. to herself! I have linksys wireless networking on 1 other pc.
> I ALSO DESPERATLY need to access my pc upstairs to check & see what my
> grands are doing & to do maintainence. My pc is the administator. I just
> can't get up/down the steps like I use to.
> Please help & explain good. I'm just learning tech, ok? (:
> -- GOD BLESS, Thanks