RDP works, Citrix doesn't. Any clues?

From: Chris Cowles (NoSpam_at_For.me)
Date: 01/20/05

Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2005 09:04:49 -0500

XP Pro SP2 fully patched. Simple file sharing disabled, guest account
disabled. Routine accounts on home workstation are 'limited user'. Cisco VPN
client 4.6 connects and works fine with exception for UDP 62515 (but it
_really_ doesn't like fast user switching). Remote Desktop connections to
Win2K Advanced server work fine using client provided with Win XP Pro.
Problem is Citrix client connections to different server work when
workstation account is administrator or power user, but not if limited user.
Citrix client downloaded from server site is ica32t v8.0.24737.0.

I know (at least I believe) RDP is a subset of Citrix. If the native windows
RDP client works as a limited user, what does Citrix attempt to do that
requires higher authority than 'limited user'? When I upgrade the authority
of the account it works flawlessly. What authority is lacking? Does the user
need higher authority to the Citrix client or install directory?

I changed the settings on the Citrix connection to allow full connections on
the site in question for all future connections. I had to be an
administrator to save that but, once I set it as administrator, it was saved
when I returned to it as a limited user.

The results are the same with or without Cisco VPN client installed and with
or without it being connected. That doesn't seem to be relevant but I
included it in case it was.

I'm stumped. Any well-intended suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Chris Cowles
Gainesville, FL