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I have a old machine with a Nvidia 6600ish video card.

I would like to use a TV for a second monitor. When I pick the dual
display, the lowest resolution choice is 800x600.

When I boot the machine, the TV will display the Windows start up
screen. After the machine boots, the TV displays....unusable signal.

I assume the TV can only display 640x480. Can I set XP to a lower

Even when I use Nvidia's TV wizard, the min resolution is 800x600.

The correct resolution for TV display is 720x480 if you are in the US and
720x576 elsewhere.

You will find that a TV set is a poor choice for a computer monitor.

I want it to watch BBC clips. It worked fine when I was driving it
with my laptop.

Can you tell me how to set the computer to this resolution using a
Nvidia 6600 card please?

The Resolution of 800x600 is for S-Video connections.
Your graphics card when configured for TV out, defaults to the
S-Video output and that specific resolution.

What I suspect is you may want to connect a second "display"
being your TV set, in which you may have other connections
such as VGA, DVI or even HDMI in which case you need to opt
for "twin monitor" or "Twin display" mode, not "TV out".
You also probably require an uptodate driver for your graphics card.
If indeed your TV set has VGA or DVI etc, do not configure "TV out"
but visit the Nvidia site, click support and download the latest driver
for that model and read the pdf guide for that card.
Note when connecting a TV set via VGA, DVI or HDMI, only the HDMI
connection will carry an audio signal as well, for the other connections
you will have to make seperate audio feeds.
If your graphics card has only S-Video output, the only resolution you
can get via that connection is 800x600, also S-Video only carries
the video signal, seperate audio connections have to made to hear sound.