Re: Video Error

jfg wrote:
I have Windows XP Pro. My Event Viewer indicates that I have the
following problem: ati2mtag. How do I correct this problem? If I
need an updated video driver, how do I determine what driver(s) I
need and where do I go to download.

Thank you.
If you need to update your video driver...
the following steps may help you:

Go to the support website of your video
adapter's mfg. and search for Windows
XP Compatible drivers.

If you don't know the make and model of
your video adapter...check the documentation
that came with the computer.

Also you could try these steps...
Go to...Start / Run...type...
msinfo32 enter.

On the System Information screen...choose...
Components / Display...

You should find the make and model of your
display adapter as well as the driver version.

If the driver on the support website is more
current than the one you are running...
download it and install it. Also you should find
and follow the installation instructions at the
support site.


John Inzer
Digital Media MVP

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