Re: %USERPROFLE% created as a folder on the desktop

I have seen Java client do that.
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maintain a six-computer XP PRO peer network at my wife's business. I have
been a professional computer consultant for a very long time. The first
problem started when Windows Defender stopped working on most of the
machines. Next, several of the computers started having a folder named
%USERPROFILE% created most of the time off the desktop but I have since found
similar folders in random locations.

I contacted Windows Defender support and the tech guided me through
uninstalling and reinstalling Defender using the Windows Installation Cleanup
tool. This fix lasted about two or three days. She also told me this was most
likely using MySpace. I then adjusted IE so that no one could browse MySpace.

We are behind a hardware firewall (Linksys router), Windows XP firewall runs
on all machines, and we use a licensed version of AVG Pro anti-virus on all
machines. All machines are setup to automatically download and install the
latest Windows update. AVG updates every morning and scans every morning,
ditto for Defender when it works.

No one installs software without prior approval. The only software the staff
installs relates to the business, and is provided from quality oem vendors.
It is rare that additional software is installed by anyone other than me.

Yesterday %USERPROFILE% showed up again on two machines. I am out of
imagination as to what can be causing this problem.


All suggestions very much appreciated. Please let me know if I can provide
any further information.

Thanks in advance.

Bud Izen
Scrapbook Fever
Salem Oregon