Re: Lost XP OEM Discs.

That's the whole joke about COA's. If you stretch the logic a bit,
Microsoft's definition of a computer is the pc case itself. Until they use
a method of flashing the COA into the pc parts, that is...

"Tesco" <Tesco@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Originally bought XP oem discs and installed on pc no. 1 which blew up
not that dramatic really!!!)
Had new system (No.2) built using the above discs and transferred COA
sticker to new machine.
Moved house and lost/mislaid discs.
No.2 developed fault, and sent for repairs.
Repair guy couldn't fix fault, so did a full reinstall.
Instead of using my COA he installed a VL version of XP which wont pass
authentication, although works ok.

I want to obtain all MS updates, but obviously there is a problem passing

Don't know the best way to proceed. The OEM was bought off ebay with a
of hardware? So can't really go back to supplier.

What I need to know is whether the COA on the side of my machine is now

Could I use the COA somehow to reinstall the OEM software without the

If this is not feasable, I want to avoid wiping the drive and reinstalling

Could I keep the VL version on the drive and install a retail copy on the
drive, later removing the VL version. Would this result in all info being
wiped?.Or could this be avoided by partitioning the drive. If this is the
to go could I partition the drive install the new copy: remove the Vl copy
and restore the drive to its pre partitioned state, leaving the retail
version in charge so to speak?

I've heard that you can copy your hard drive or subscribe to a service
does this. Could I do this and then delete VL XP, later installing Retail
and reclaiming all the files from the save or the subscription service?

Now for the good bit.!!

Dont know how to save all the info on my PC to CD.
Nor how to partition the disc, or reverse this if this is possible.

Any advise would be well appreciated .