Re: Dual boot config (2xXP) + Norton Ghost = possible ??

System Commander writes to the MBR. That is how you are able to choose which
partition/drive to boot into. Because SC gives you much more flexibility
than Windows XP dual boot mode, SC must do this.

Ghost 2003 will reboot the machine into a special version of DOS for the
purposes of running the program when you are working with the Windows
partition/drive. The information to do this is also written to the MBR to
allow it to happen. Many times Ghost 2003 will not boot up. Sometimes SC
gets corrupted and you have to reload it. You can have only one set of
entries to the MBR at a time. If that entry does not clear out when no
longer needed you will have problems.

Ghost 9 does NOT use this method. It images the Windows partition just fine
from within Windows. You restore by booting from the recovery CD. The MBR is
bypassed by the use of the boot CD. The MBR does not come into play, except
to boot the computer to System Commander, where you make your operating
system choice.

I have been using System Commander since 1993-94 with little or no problems.
It has always done as advertised.



Richard Urban
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"Timothy Daniels" <TDaniels@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> "Peter" wrote:
>> I want to have XP pro for my primary OS, and then another OS
>> (XP home) for music production/composing where the OS
>> footprint is as minimal as possible (maybe even without Antivirus
>> and TCP/IP) to leave processing power to the music studio
>> applications.
>> Is such a setup compatible with Norton Ghost 9? I ask because
>> support staff for SystemCommander8 advised against using
>> SC8 and Ghost on the same machine. They said these were
>> incompatible, but I never understood if it was due to the dual boot
>> config or something else particular to SC8.
> Ghost is not a boot manager. It has no effect on WinXP's
> multi-booting functions. System Commander *is* a boot-
> managing utility. It may not be compatible with WinXP's
> built-in boot manager, but there's not reason to expect that
> it wouldn't get along with Ghost as they typically wouldn't be
> running at the same time. If System Commander changes
> the boot sectors or MBRs sufficiently that Ghost would be
> confused, I'd stay away from System Commander.
> *TimDaniels*