Re: Changing C: Drive to D:

"cuuba2000" wrote:
I have all my programs on a 16 Gig Hard drive, which is full. I also have an additional 60 gig back up drive which is empty. How do I change the order or transfer the operating system from the 16 gig drive to the 60 gig drive and still retain functional programs.

Download a free 30-day trial copy of Casper XP from Future Systems Solutions' website at . You don't have to format the destination drive, just specify the size of the partition to be made on the destination drive and then do the copy.

    As with all clones of WinNT/2K/XP, don't let the new clone see its
"parent" OS when it boots up as an operating system for the first time.
The "parent" can start up and see the clone, but the clone's 1st startup
should be in isolation from the "parent".  Thereafter, either OS can
startup and it will see the other OS as just a "Local Disk" file structure
on another partition.  The easiest way to isolate the clone is to simply
remove the source HD from its cable - the destination HD, assuming it's
the only other HD in the system, will automatically become the boot HD.