Re: Upgrading XP home to XP professional

From: Sylvan (
Date: 12/21/04

Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2004 14:07:03 -0800

I am in the same boat, but farther downstream. So, I got my slipstreamed Sp2
Pro disk - (from MSDN BTW), it gets most of the way then says:

"Cannot copy file whatever.dll" (I tried skipping lots of files...)

The file is there on the CD!! It just won't copy it! I tried various things,
and it won't work. Any work around? Sounds like a problem with SP2...


"Carey Frisch [MVP]" wrote:

> It appears SP2 is currently installed in the XP Home version.
> Unless SP2 is integrated into XP Pro, then one cannot
> upgrade an existing XP Home w/SP2 installation using
> a non-SP2 version of XP Pro. What you need to do is
> create a SP2 "slipstreamed" version of XP Pro, then use
> the new CD to upgrade over XP Home w/SP2.
> You have two options:
> 1. Uninstall SP2 from XP Home, then upgrade to XP Pro.
> or
> 2. Create a SP2 slipstreamed version of XP Pro (preferred)
> and use the new XP Pro w/SP2 to upgrade.
> Either one of the following utilities makes slipstreaming
> (integrating) SP2 into Windows XP a breeze:
> Windows Slipstreaming and Bootable CD Guide
> Information on AutoStreamer 1.0
> Windows XP Service Pack 2 - Direct Download
> How to remove Windows XP Service Pack 2 from your computer
> Note: If you have a preinstalled version of Windows XP Home with SP2,
> then you cannot uninstall SP2. You'll have to make a XP Pro CD with SP2
> slipstreamed in order to upgrade over your existing XP Home installation.
> --
> Carey Frisch
> Microsoft MVP
> Windows XP - Shell/User
> Be Smart! Protect Your PC!
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> "Henrik" wrote:
> | I brought my HP pavilion to the office, XP home pre-installed. To work
> | properly with the exchange server, the administrator told me to update to XP
> | professional. I have a CD and proper code (the software was a gift two years
> | ago, never installed).
> | Now when I want to upgrade, a message says, the version 2002 i try to
> | install is older than the one on my computer - my own files would be lost.
> | Do I have to buy a new version or what can I do? Would I get a free CD
> | exchange at microsoft?

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