Re: Power Options

From: Gerry (
Date: 11/02/04

Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2004 22:19:17 -0800

Hi, Mister Scary, did you check if it is not the Screensaver turning off
your monitor. That happened on my Dell and after increasing the time on the
Display>Screensaver to 600 minutes, I have no more problems.
"Mister Scary" <> wrote in message
>I desire to temporarily change the "Turn off monitor:" option to "Never."
> But when I do this, it has no effect. The monitor turns off after 20
> minutes.
> I am having trouble installting a very large program to my computer that
> takes a couple of hours to install, and I want to set the monitor to not
> turn off since that might be causing an error.
> Is there something fancy I could do to make my computer do my bidding,
> like
> change a registry value?