Re: Vertical lines, Epson printer

First; Thank You for replying and providing assistance.
This unit is capable of use without the computer.
I used "copy mode" without a computer. Following your advice about lower
resolution. Printed a picture, the color variation was muted to the point
that a light and magnifine glass was needed to see the variation.
Printed the same picture using computer, same outcome.
I shall research cleaning heads. Using aggressive physical method.
Thank you once again.
take care.

"Chuck" wrote:

Try printing at a lower/different resolution. Not a cure, just a diagnostic
I suspect some individual nozzles might be clogged.
Another possibility is to save the pictures to a memory stick or card that
is compatable with the all in one, assuming it has memeory slots, and can
accept a usb stick as you seem to indicate.
If the picture prints from the USB stick or memory card, the interface and
cable are suspect.

It may be that the high resolution picture mode is the only mode that uses
certain nozzles.
It may be possible to clean the heads. I'm not familiar with your specific
model, so I'd prefer to not get into this area.
Depending on the gory details, such things as distilled water, Windex,
"Golden Grain", and others can be used, depending on the heads and type of
ink. Setting the head on a saturated lint free towel may help. In the past,
I've used an infant's rubber bulb with a rubber nozzle to help clear clogs
on older model HP heads with some success. Newer heads have smaller nozzles,
and may be too delicate for methods using pressure or vacuum.

"beamish" <beamish@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Epson Stylus Photo RX500.
Started one week ago.
Vertical color variation, lines same color different hues.
Only on photos from the computer.
All other processes work without problem, such as printing
documents, graphs etc.
All-in-Printer can be used in stand alone mode, problem does
not exist when not connected to a computer.
Problem does not exist with other printer, HP3650.
Using WindowsXP Home sp3 slipstreamed, "OEM generic".
Clean full formate install, 3 weeks ago.

Steps taken:
Removed printer and software, rebooted reinstalled.
Updated drivers.
Changed ink carts.
Realigned cartridges.
E-mailed Epson followed instructions:
Which included some of the above plus changing paper and settings.
Awaiting possible further assistance.
Moved all-in-one printer to another computer has WindowsXP Home sp3,
Different hardware and software with exception of OS.
Used Google search found others with same problem.
Would appreciate suggestions on solving issue without the purchase of
another printer.
Thank You.
Take Care.