Re: Several command line printing questions

HP supports the LPD service so you could send the formatted data using the
lpr.exe command

Install Print Services for Unix in Add/Remove Programs, Windows features,
Network File and prin services.

in the command line generate your formated file, then send this to the

lpr -S IPofprinter -P raw -o l filename

start with a very small file first, LPD works best with text files and PS


Sends a print job to a network printer

Usage: lpr -S server -P printer [-C class] [-J job] [-o option] [-x] [-d]

-S server Name or ipaddress of the host providing lpd service
-P printer Name of the print queue
-C class Job classification for use on the burst page
-J job Job name to print on the burst page
-o option Indicates type of the file (by default assumes a text
Use "-o l" for binary (e.g. postscript) files
-x Compatibility with SunOS 4.1.x and prior
-d Send data file first

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"datap" <datap@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
on my system, I have an HP Inkjet AND a "print to convert" program and
are associated with "LPT1" so when I type

copy /b filename.gif >lpt1
print /D:LPT1 filename.gif

the print goes to the convert program. Is there a way to specifiy the
physical printer on the command line as well as the port?

Q2: I have a LaserJet print on the network who's PORT is "IP_10.0.0.10"
but when I attempt to send a file to that "port" I get a "cannot

Ultimately, like the previous poster, I'm trying to send TIF images to a
printer (in my case a Jet Direct printer) via the command line -- any