Re: Lexmark X5470 printer not communicating with computer

After three Microsoft techs, the solution that I dreaded was the only Windows XP! They determined that the Vista drivers were
basically the default for the printer, no matter what we did with XP drivers.
I asked WHY my XP would allow Vista drivers to be installed in the first
place, that some sort of warning should appear. They said that Vista is
'close enough' to XP that the system can't recognize they are
incompatible.....?? The Vista drivers made a catastrophic change in hidden
files, registry keys that even all the deleting they did, they were not able
to find the correct ones to delete.

Well, I'm happy to report that my all-in-one is working just fine now. I
reloaded Windows, was able to clean up my computer, so it wasn't ALL bad.
Take it from me though...BE VERY CAREFUL when you download drivers for your

"Lem" wrote:

lensgaga wrote:
Thank you for your quick response. Unfortunately, I have done all of those
things as well. I actually had found the information in the second link you
provided earlier today and followed all those steps. Still no communication.

"Lem" wrote:

lensgaga wrote:
I mistakenly downloaded Vista drivers from to my XP computer.
My printer could not communicate with my computer at that time. I had
installed the Vista drivers 'as another copy of the drivers' per the Lexmark
setup screen. My printer would not work so I downloaded the XP drivers and
installed 'updating my existing drivers (recommended)' per the setup screen.

No communication since the initial installation. I have deleted drivers,
uninstalled and reinstalled the printer, replaced the USB cable, tried
installing my old printer to see if it would work (it didn't). 5 Lexmark
techs and 1 Microsoft tech luck.

Something from that initial Vista driver download has caused this problem
and no one can find the solution. HELP!
Clean out the printer drivers using the advice here from MS-MVP Cari:

If that doesn't work, try these somewhat more comprehensive directions
from MS-MVP Bruce Sanderson:

See notes re Lexmark printers on the Bruce Sanderson's page.

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Perhaps something happened to your USB hub/ports.

Generally, see

First, make sure that Device Manager will show "ghost" devices:

If you have any leftover printer entries in Device Manager, remove them.
Reboot. Now try adding the printer.

If that didn't work, you can try removing all of the USB controllers and
hubs. There is a catch, however, you don't want to remove ALL of these
if you ONLY have a USB keyboard and/or mouse. When you re-boot, you
won't have any input device, and Windows will not proceed.

If you can find a PS/2 keyboard and/or mouse, use it for the following

Restart in Safe Mode

Remove all USB devices (except USB keyboard and/or mouse) from the
Device Manager in the following order:

HID and/or Composite USB
USB Root Hub(s)
USB Host Controller(s)

Physically unplug all USB devices (except keyboard and/or mouse)

Shutdown and reboot

Lem MS MVP -- Networking

To the moon and back with 64 Kbits of RAM and 512 Kbits of ROM.