Re: Printing from DOS to USB printer

Reverse first and last names wrote :
On Tue, 22 Aug 2006 21:40:55 +0200, Klaus Jorgensen <kj@xxxxxxx>

Reverse first and last names wrote :

Turned on Printer Pooling and checked LPT1 as well as the USB port.
Doesn't work. Our program thinks it is printing, so it thinks there is
an LPT port available.

Are you sure this printer understands data from a DOS-program?


It shouldn't matter about the printer. It is failing before sending
anything to the printer. The command

NET USE LPT1: \\server\printer /persistent:yes

returns error "System error 1231. Network location cannot be reached."

I was referring to the pooling trick where I took it that your print job vanished into thin air. That often happens when sending DOS data to a GDI-printer.