Multiple printer problem in XP?

We have laptops that we use for student checkout. Throughout the library we
have 11 HP 2200 printers that the laptops have access to. The laptops
connect to these printers via USB at each location. My problem is that as
you connect each printer it installs another instance of the 2200 printer on
the computer making the student have to select which printer he is at when he
wants to print. This makes it somewhat confusing to some students and I end
up having to go assist them by cancelling print jobs and then showing them
how to select the correct printer and print to it. Before we used Windows
2000 on these laptops and we did not have this problem with that operating
system. The question I have is this. Is there a was to group all these
printers together such that they print under a single printer setup or set
them up in such a way that when they connect to the printer it knows what
printer they are connected to and selects that one for them when printing?

Thanks for the help.