Re: photo shop 3

Michael J. Mahon schreef:
John Inzer wrote:
spam2you wrote:
If you put a PC-quality Photostory export on DVD, the quality is
excellent. Unfortunately when using Movie Maker the quality of the
resulting movie decreases.
Have you tried using Custom Profiles?

I have, and I know what he means.

If you have an HD monitor or TV, the standard SDTV filters used
by many DVD creation tools, including Movie Maker, results in
a "smoothed" picture which lacks the crispness that an HD
monitor can provide, even with a standard DVD as the source.

Using a "PC" profile of substantially higher resolution, such
as 1024x768, turns off the "TV" filter and produces resolution
which matches the best that DVD is capable of (720x480).


Even when I create a high res custom profile (1024x768), the MM exported video is, well, disappointing.
FYI: I use Nero VE to build DVD's and I get the best results when directly importing a 1024x768 Photostory export. Nero VE will then again recode this videofile, but the quality is excellent.
If I use MM to add extra banners, captions and effects, the exported MM video is just not worth watching. Let alone burn it on a DVD.

If some1 knows how to create high quality video's from MM, I'd be very happy.