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I think I answered my own question about the DVD Slideshow Builder. I
visited the link and it does have the Ken Burns panning/zooming capability.
Haven't downloaded the trial version to try it yet, but it looks promising.
If you have used this software, it says that it has faster DVD rendering. I
have about 39 movies that are approximately between 12-30mb apiece (depending
on what resolution I make them) that I need to put as many as I can onto one
DVD. As mentioned before, when I try to burn a group of PhotoStory 3.1 movies
onto one single DVD, it takes FOREVER. Do you know how long it would take to
create one DVD from several movies? Also, do you know if you can just add in
full size photos without having to resize them down when adding them into
your storyline in this product? That's one thing I like about PhotoStory 3.1
is that you can just add any size picture and it does the rest for you. That
way you aren't having to waste time in resizing photos to just a certain size
for the program to work. Does this DVD Slideshow allow the same thing? If
you've never used the product, I noticed the software does have a support
team to ask questions of. Thanks again for your patience and help!
Peppi S.

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The SonicDVDPlug-in gets you one story perDVD... with you needing to use
otherDVDsoftware if you want to have more stories on a disc.

To get discs with a number of stories on them, you needDVDsoftware that
will make theDVDmenu and other files needed for a videoDVD. If you copy
the stories to a disc using Windows, you'll only be able to play it on a

Story files are in WMV format.... and aDVDneeds files in MPEG-2 format
(VOB extensions).... for XP Microsoft doesn't have anyDVDmaking software.
The new MicrosoftDVDMaker in Vista can do it, but for XP, things like
ULead, Nero, MyDVD, etc. are needed.
website references are


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I've been reading up on these forums on how to create aDVDfrom Photo
3.1. I did, in fact, follow some advice and download the custom profiles
PapaJohn's website ( and tried saving a short test
from Photo Story 3.1 using these higher resolution profiles. I then used
NeroVision Express 2 to create myDVD. The test movie was about 10
long (maybe 6mb size, can't remember gith now) and when I created myDVD,
took almost 36 minutes. Most of the movies that I want to put onto aDVD
more like 35 mb once I use the higher resolution (on computer 3 800x600,
are less than 10mb). I have about 40 movies I want to put onto aDVD. I
some test ones of 5 of my movies saved as the two custom profiles from
PapaJohns website and also computer 4 profile. I had 5 movies with 3
each to put onto aDVD. I started it last night and it told me the elapsed
time would be 28 hours!

My questions are:
1) I've seen mention the SonicDVDPlugin for Photo Story 3. I presume I
use it for 3.1 that came within Digital Image Suite 2006? I also saw you
bundle purchase MyDVD as well. What does that particular software do
differently than the plug in software?
2) Also, maybe I'm not doing thisDVDcreating thing right. When I save a
movie using the customDVD(NTSC) profiles with the higher resolution, am
supposed to be creating aDVDwhen I go to NeroVision Express2 by going
through adding video files and creating a menu, etc? Or should I just be
copying these movies to aDVDdirectly since they are already formatted to
DVD? I've never created aDVDbefore from Photo Story 3.1 except for the
last night and I just don't want to have to wait 1 hour for each movie to
put onto aDVD.
3) Also if the answer above is that I can just copy the PhotoStory movie
files onto aDVDinstead of creating aDVDwith menus, etc., can I copy
movies all at once or can I copy them one at a time? I know when I copy
onto a CD-R, it only lets me write once and then it tells me to insert a
blank CD. So I'm not sure if this is howDVD'swork or not. I don't want
movie perDVD. And I know there are limitations as to the number of movies
can put onto aDVDaccording to how big the slideshows are.
4) Is there a website that steps you through how to create aDVDfrom
Story 3.1 slideshows that does not directly showcase the Sonic plug-in? I
the tutorial on I think website, but I don't have
Sonic plug-in. And from what I read, some people who downloaded that
ended up having issues with it and having to download other things to
it to work. Just don't want to buy it if it's not going to work, ya

Thanks for your help on this!!!!

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You can try the DVD Slideshow Builder which is very powerful and very
popular now, many friends and I like it very much. It's very easy to
create a customized DVD slide show with photos and videos, and I can
add music, transitions, and motion effects and make beautiful DVD
menus. To be important, it has great photo and video editing function
that can meet your needs. Also, we can create .mp4, .wmv, .avi, .3gp
slideshows for our iPod, Zune and 3GP Cell Phones, Youtube .etc.

You can download it free here
And a specific tutorial is here
Some useful information such as tips to make slideshow awesome is

Hope this helps!