Is there a robust alternative to Photo Story 3 for Windows.

Is there a robust alternative to Photo Story 3 for Windows? I do not mind a
reasonable cost provided I am purchasing a tried product that makes up for
the short comings of PS 3.

I like the short learning curve of PS3. It is intuitive and user friendly.
It is very good for small projects (less than 300 photos). However, it is
punitive when errors are made, freezing and stops running instead of
generating an error message. It lacks the tools to employ selective or
global commands, such as changing durations. (I use Mark Coffman's TweakPS.)
When loaded to capacity, PS3 strains and will not function properly: had to
delete the music for it to work, and even then, the transitions distorted
the images.

I relay the above shortcomings not as a criticism, (PS3 is excellent for its
cost) but to describe what I am looking for in the alternative. IMHO I
think PS3's shortcoming is not enough effort was put into developing it.

Thanks every one.


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