Re: opening e-mail pictures

desertpete wrote:
I recently loaded Adobe Elements to my computer and now
all my e-mail pics open in Adobe Elements. Is there a
setting I can change so that this won't happen?
You need to change your image associations...
have a look at the following methods...:

(307859) HOW TO: Change File Associations
in Windows XP

More info:

Try an image folder and right click one
of your image files...from the menu, select...Open
With / Choose Program.

Make your choice from the list or Browse to the
correct program if it is not in the list.

If you want the default...choose..."Windows
Picture and Fax viewer"

Once you make your sure to check
the box that says: "Always use the selected program
to open this kind of file". (you will need to do this
for each format....jpg, .tif, .gif...etc.) can right click an image and choose
Properties / Change Button...choose the program
you wish to use and click...OK / Apply / OK. WinXP, you can go to...My Computer /
Tools / Folder Options / File Types tab...

And the following links may be useful:

Repair image file type associations in Windows XP

Change the default image editor application,
invoked from Windows Picture and Fax Viewer

Windows® XP File Association Fixes


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