Re: Photo Story 3 - How do I enable a DVD to loop?

You might not be able to do this with the Plugin. An alternate program that
works well is Sonic MyDVD Studio Deluxe (Sonic made the plugin you are
using), and it will give you more advanced options. The plugin is just a
quick and easy way to get a PhotoStory to DVD.


"Keppy" wrote:

> I'm not sure you can play one video over and over, but you could copy your
> file with different names and burn more files to a DVD that can play one
> after the other, or make you video longer by duplicating it manually.
> "noeltykay" <noeltykay@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:7591B1CC-ED06-49E7-985F-64DFCF518489@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> > Burned a slideshow for some friends who are having a party. The DVD is
> > going
> > to be played on a DVD player connected to a TV, not a laptop. I purchased
> > the plug-in which enables the burning to DVD...I was hoping to let the
> > slideshow play over and over, however, when it is finished it just goes
> > back
> > to the main screen...anyway to continuously loop the slideshow?

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