Re: help please with toshiba PDR-M60 camera connection

Thanks for your response. My problem was solved only after I removed SP2 then
installed camera. Have since reinstalled SP2 with no futher issues.

"Gregg Rivers [MSFT]" wrote:

> Hello Brian,
> Not sure if you've had any luck with this issue or not. Here is some info
> from the Toshiba web site. The info in the First Time Install section is
> definitely worth trying.
> - Downloading Images
> The USB connection was designed for use with Microsoft Windows
> 98/2000/ME/XP. If you are using Windows 95 or Windows NT, the drivers in
> your operating system may not be supported by the USB connection. USB is
> also supported by Apple / MAC.
> Note: Image Expert can be installed before or after the USB drivers for the
> camera. If it is installed prior to installing the drivers, then please
> temporarily remove the Camio Viewer from the System Tray (At the bottom
> right of the screen in the bar, it looks like a little camera. Right Click
> the little camera and select 'Exit' to temporarily close Camio Viewer while
> you install the drivers.)
> 1) Drivers are located on the CD. Drivers can also be downloaded from the
> web site to a known folder on your computer (for example, "My Documents").
> 2) Connect the camera to the computer by USB and turn the camera to the
> "connection" setting on the Mode Dial (looks like a lightning bolt). Please
> wait for the computer to detect the camera, this may take a few minutes the
> first time it is connected (be patient, it is much faster after it has been
> properly installed).
> 3) The Hardware Installation Wizard will recognize a new device connected to
> the computer and prompt you for the location of the driver. Browse to the CD
> or the folder (for example "My Documents") where the driver is located.
> Imaging Devices > PDR-M60 Camera Driver
> 4) Open Image Expert and make sure that the configuration settings in the
> MENU / CAMERA / CONNECTION are Serial / USB instead of USB Mounted Drive.
> The pathway is not available under this setting so you will need to confirm
> USB Mounted Drive is still set to DCIM only.
> Let us know how that goes.
> Thanks,
> Gregg Rivers [MSFT]
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> "Brian" <Brian> wrote in message
> news:A65BFBA2-EA8B-48A3-9517-CEA8BBC971FC@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> > used to work find on same pc running xp home. Have tried fixes used by
> > this
> > group on similar problems. Recently removed Real 10 has suggested by
> > group.
> > Camera does appear under device manager as imaging device when connected
> > but
> > will not update driver-get invalid data message at end of install wizard.
> > Two
> > unrecognized devices listed under imaging devices even with no camera
> > connected and they will not uninstall- says may be needed for boot. Any
> > ideas?