Re: How to repair your camera Autoplay download

From: Alec Blackburn (
Date: 01/19/05

Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 18:33:03 -0000

"Yves Alarie" <> wrote in message
> Glad it worked. Not sure of the "version" of my "repair" you read. I try
> to
> update this and you can now have Real Player 10 installed and Autoplay.
> Just
> a few things to do as given below.
> (01-01-05)
> If you recently installed Real Player 10, this is the likely culprit
> preventing XP to automatically recognize the camera or card reader and
> open
> the Autoplay window . You will have to uninstall Real Player and maybe do
> something else as described below. After you uninstall Real Player 10,
> reboot your computer and then try with your camera or card reader again.
> If
> you do not want to remove RealPlayer, you can go around it to get
> Autoplay,
> as given below.
> There is also a more recent (Dec. 22) solution from MickeyD:
> Open Real Player. Go to Tools then Preferences.
> Click on Automated Services and then Disable Message Center and Auto
> updates. Reboot your computer.

Thankyou all

I too have been trying for days to correct the autoplay function and have
been cursing MS for most of this time, however I tried albeit half
heartedly, turning off the message centre in Realplayer 10 rebooted,
connected my camera and near fell off my chair when the dialogue box came up
staight away! How anybody actually discovered this just amazes me but THANKS