Re: Solve This?! photo file corruption from the best of the best..

From: Brian not Brain -but thanks 4compliment! (
Date: 12/01/04

Date: Wed, 1 Dec 2004 11:03:04 -0800

Same signs of file corruption with all the same tools. No difference between
applications. Worst of it was that these files were deleted from camera
memory when transferred to PC. Cannot reproduce files.

"Yves Alarie" wrote:

> When you open these files with Windows Pictures and Fax viewer or your Canon
> photo software, are these files displayed properly on your screen?
> "Brian not Brain -but thanks 4compliment!"
> <> wrote in
> message
> > Brand new P4 XP SP2, Raid0 2HD. and 1 Gig RAM. First download of picture
> > files was flawless and 16 files looked great from Canon digital. Now 14
> of
> > the 16 files have fallen apart even with Symantec 9.0 Internet Security
> and
> > Antivirus. Using MS Office 2003 Professional Picture Manager. Did
> > Checkdisk/r and /f. no repair seen. Getting Gaps, lines, cutoff, weird
> color
> > configuration or cannot see at all. Any ideas? Thanks!