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From: Paul Ballou (
Date: 08/29/04

Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2004 16:11:17 -0500
Why can't I save .jpg, .gif or .png images in their original format in
Microsoft Internet Explorer?;en-us;810978
Internet Explorer Saves Images As Bitmaps (.bmp Files);en-us;324761
Cannot Save Images in Windows XP as JPG
Cache Sentry available here will help with the problem.

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"dietermod" <> wrote in message 
> Whenever I try to capture a picture from a web site or
> using the save piture as command it comes up as
> untitled.bmp instead of its correct name.  Most are jpgs
> but it will not allow me to change the file type.  How do
> I fix this? please post to group or reply directly to me
> at
> Thanks