Re: Deleting folders with Zb files

From: Todd (
Date: 05/09/04

Date: Sat, 08 May 2004 19:42:14 -0700

John: Your suggestion of going to Safe Mode and deleting the files dis
the job with no fuss. Thanks very much. (By the way, I tracked down only
one Thumbs.db file in my whole Local Disk C:, and it wasn't in one of
the folders I was trying to get rid of.)
One star for John.

John Inzer wrote:
> Todd wrote:
>>Trying to clean up my photo files, I've deleted or
>>transferred the image files (.jpg) out of a dozen
>>folders, but I am not allowed to delete the folders
>>because there's a single "Zd" file in each
>>one and I get the message "cannot delete Zb thumbnail: it
>>is being used by another person or program. Close any
>>programns that might be using the file and try again."
>>I've looked at all instance Windows Explorer of 'Zd
>>" files and can't locate "another person or
>>program". I'm stuck. Any helpo out there??
> ========================================
> In a folder that contains image files...with...View /
> Thumbnails...selected...a Thumbs.db file that contains
> the thumbnail info is generated by Windows XP.
> Unless you open a folder and go to...Tools / Folder
> Options / View tab...and select..."Show Hidden Files
> and Folders" / Apply / OK.....You will not see these files.
> cannot delete the folders because the
> Thumbs.db file cannot find the images that you moved.
> (I'm just guessing because I have not been able to
> reproduce the behavior you described)
> may be able to delete the folders after
> a restart. If might try booting in Safe Mode
> and delete them from there.
> (315222) A Description of the Safe Mode
> Boot Options in Windows XP
> Here's an article that may be useful:
> What is thumbs.db