Re: Debug Dump Files and Setup Log Files in Disk Cleanup window

"Debug dump files" are copies of the contents of your computer's memory. When a program crashes, it will sometimes "dump" some or all of the contents of RAM to a file on your hard disk. The file is only useful to a technical support person who is trying to understand why the program crashed. (Most tech support people have no clue what to do with a dump file.)

Unless you've been asked to submit a dump file for inspection, feel free to get rid of them.

Setup log files are files that "log" a program's installation. If you look at one (they're really just text files - open with Notepad) you'll see that they give a blow-by-blow description of how the program was installed, in glorious detail.

If a program did not install properly, the setup log will tell you what went wrong. If you haven't had an install go badly, feel free to ditch these files as well.

On the question of how much free disk space is enough...there are no standards. 15% of your disk needs to be unoccupied in order for Windows built-in defragmenter to work. Beyond that, it's up to you.

Your CPU is another story. It won't be easy to find effective security software that will operate on a P3. Even if you only use the computer for basic items, an internet connection is basic enough for an online criminal to find you.
Leonard Grey
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Stewart Fluney wrote:
The above two items appear in my Disk Cleanup window, and I would question if it is o:k to delete them. The first occupies a space of 283 KB and the other 2537 KB. The description given of these two files in the Disk Cleanup window is "Files created by Windows".

I have a second question: I have approx. 5 GB left as free space on my "C" Hard Drive. Is this considered sufficient or should I have more? I am a retired senior and only use the computer for basic items.

I have a Dell Dimension 4100 Desktop computer with Windows XP - Home Edition Operating System - Service Pack 3, Pentium 111 with 930 MHZ, 20 GB Hard Drive and 512 MB of RAM. The file system is FAT 32.

Many thanks for your co-operation and response.