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"AnnieD" <AnnieD@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I do not know the name of the virus, but I do know that I have gotten rid
it. There is no viruses found on my computer at all. I may have not really
"fixed" the problem at hand, I am just thankful that I no longer have any
viruses. Now I just need to get my computer back to normal.

"Shenan Stanley" wrote:

AnnieD wrote:
My computer got attacked by a virus, and since I fixed the problem
I am not able to access the part of the display to change my
background. What should I do?

Sounds like you may not have 'fixed the problem'...

What virus?
How did you 'fix the problem'?

Shenan Stanley
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It is impossible to prove that a computer does not have any viruses. Doing
so amounts to proving a negative which is a logical impossibility. All you
can do is prove that your antivirus cannot find any of the viruses that it
can detect. Thus the question of how many there are that the antivirus
cannot detect remains unanswerable.