Re: Defragmenter won't run: "Access is Denied"


Windows XP Home Edition here. I have no Security tab for dfrg.msc!


Hope this helps.

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Mark F wrote:
On Sat, 15 Mar 2008 15:40:01 -0700, nass
<nass@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I don't know how permissions for the file are supposed to be,
but you might want to find out what is going on.

Try opening Windows Explorer to C:\WINDOWS\system32,
selecting dfrg.msc, right clicking and selecting properties.

Then in the "dfrg.msc Properties" window select the "Security" tab
Report the results for "Group or usernames" Administrators
and for the specific username that you are running from.

Also click on the "Advanced" button and see what is going
on in the "Permissions" tab for Administrators.
My version of the file
has "Allow" set for all categories except the grayed out
"Special Permissions" and no "Deny" boxes set for

The other tabs also may be useful, especially "Effective Permissions"
for the username that you are using.

The account that I use for defragmenting has all boxes
checked in under "Effective permissions"

(As an aside, I've gotten an error message from a compare program
running in an Administrator account that said I had no permission to
read the file and I wasn't the owner, but I was permitted to change
the owner of the file. I don't know if the Administrator username
itself would have been denied immediate access.)

=Open a run command and type in:

I cannot run this either. It says Access is denied as well

Locate this service and make sure it is started Automatic:
DCOM Server Process Launcher
Reboot your Machine and see if you can Defrag, best if you start
it in safe Mode.

I still get an Access is denied error in safe mode.

Repair Disk Defragmenter in Windows 2000/XP
Note you mean the Scannow command from the run command is:
sfc /scannow click [OK] and let it run.

I can't follow most of what it says on that page and the linked

Just to note, though. I can use defrag.exe from the C:\ prompt; at
least it successfully did an analysis.

Okay, can you please state what version of XP Operating system you
have, is it XP Home Edition or XP Professional?, and how many users
on this machine and do they have Admin privileges?.
What security software you have installed and does the machine
perform well other than the Defrag issue?.