RE: Erroneous Message: Cannot Copy _ There is not enough free disk spa

Here's text directly from the Western Digital manual that came with my USB
hard drive. It explains why it doesn't write files larger than 4GB and how to
change it. I ran into the same problem trying to make a backup of file just
over 4GB.

Drive Format:

This WD device is preformatted as a single FAT32 partition for compatibility
with all updated Windows and Macintosh operating systems. The FAT32 file
system has a maximum individual file size limit of 4 GB.

To create partitions larger than 32 GB in FAT32 when reformatting the drive,
download the External USB/FireWire FAT32 Formatting Utility from

Windows 2000 and XP users can overcome file size limitations by reformatting
drive to NTFS using the Disk Management utility. See answer ID 1287 at and article IDs 314463 and 184006 at for
further details.

Reformatting the Drive:

1. Go to
2. See Knowledge Base Answer ID 207 for formatting instructions.
After formatting, go to Downloads, find your product, download the My Passport
utility, and follow instructions as prompted.


"Lee Beck" wrote:

I have a possibly damaged 500GB HDD (giving sporadic problems) and purchased
a new 750GB WD drive to remove/archive some files. I have copied some
smaller files, but am now getting a message on the larger files “Cannot copy
[file name]. There is not enough free disk space. Delete one or more files…”

The file that I’m trying to copy is a 7 GB AVI video file and plays fine
from the questionable drive. The questionable 500GB drive has 30GB free
space and the drive that I’m copying to has 702GB free. My Windows C:\ drive
has 16 GB free.

The error message is obviously wrong. Is this a Windows glitch when working
with large files? If so, what’s a workaround.