Re: how to speed up a slow computer

"Leonard Grey" wrote:

Are you trying to increase your speed to and from the internet? That is
determined by your ISP.

Are you trying to increase the responsiveness of your computer when
performing tasks not related to the internet? Slow response has
essentially four causes:

1- Viruses and other malicious software. (Remove them.)

2- Not enough memory for all the programs you are trying to run at the
same time. (Close programs, buy more RAM.)

3- Hardware problems (e.g., defective RAM, hard disks in PIO mode) or
ancient hardware not up to the requirements of your software.

4- Configuration errors (such as are caused by registry cleaners, other
cleaner-type programs)

If you are truly "not very computer literate" you'd be making a wise
investment to show your computer to a professional technician.

Everyone has a different opinion about what is "slow" on a computer. It
may be that your computer is operating as quickly as it can.

Leonard Grey
Errare humanum est

computer dummy wrote:
i currently have road runner and have for 2 years. I have tried to defrag and
disc clean up but it didn't seem to help much. Is there anything else i can
try? I have run virus and spyware scans but it didn't pick up anything. I am
running defender pro virus protection. I am not very computer literate. Nay
help would be appreciated. simple please

"computer dummy" wrote:

I have tried to remove any virus malware etc. the multiple scans i have ran
didn't pick up a virus. It is slower offline than online. It seemed to start
being slow out of the blue. My son uses myspace, could this be a cause of a
slow down? After virus scans how do i tell if i have a virus if the scans
don't pick them up?

It depends on how much disk space and how much RAM< you have, how may
applications you are running and how many applications/programs are updating
in the background?.
Does your Av is up2date and current, do you have Anti-malware and a good

Go through these Cleaning steps:
1... First, try to clean up your caches, Internet files and delete cookies
by doing this:
Click Start >> Control Panel >> Double click Network and Internet
Connections >> Double click Internet Options.
On the IE properties windows you will see these Tabs:
General | Security | Privacy | Content | Connections | Programs |
Under General Tab clear your History, Internet Files and Cookies.
Then click on Advanced tab and scroll down to under the Browsing Option:
[&] Browsing
[ ] Enable Third-Party browser extensions (Req Rest) uncheck this box.
Then click on Programs Tab and click Manage Add-Ons and Disable all non
Verified Add-Ons (You should Renable them later one-by-one and see the
culprit and update it or remove it.
How to manage Add-Ons:
Scan for malware from here:
SuperAntispyware - Free
RootkitRevealer v1.71
By Bryce Cogswell and Mark Russinovich

Run a scan from here on-line:
Download Avast Cleaner (offline scanner) from here:
Lots of tools to download and disinfect your machine (offline scanner):

After the scan run disk cleanup on your drive.

2- Download the Hijackthis and send the report to one of many
forums for analysis and troubleshooting:
When all else fails, HijackThis v2.0.2
( is
the preferred tool to use.
It will help you to both identify and remove any hijackware/spyware. Post
your log to,,, or other appropriate
forums for expert analysis, not here.
Download to your Desktop FixPolicies.exe:
Courtesy of Bill Castner -Operation has been cancelled restrictions in

Let us know how it is going.