Re: I'm an idiot with a recovery console

Hi Mike -
I'm having exactly the same problem - have you solved this?
Thanks for any insights,
Carrie wrote:
I had the same problem - I'm pretty angry right now.

At first I couldn't load explorer.exe b/c of iertutil.dll
I solved that by replacing it w/ an archived copy from a dll download

Now I have that blasted "ordinal 56" error when I try to run a
windows-associated process (includes many system processes as well as
things like media player and messenger)

I cannot view anything in Internet explorer either - firefox works fine
as does windows explorer but Internet Explorer opens up IE6 style and
doesn't open any sites or internet options.

I tried to run Windows update - no dice. I tried installing IE7
manually from the Windows site but it gives me a bunch of errors:
"windows could not load the installer for mouse" (sometimes says
"SCSIadapter" rather than "mouse")

I'm pretty frustrated and I just want a working OS again.

Any help is appreciated
- Thanks

needlove wrote:
Thanks for the reply and I'll check it out but I did get Windows up and
running by reinstalling IE 7. Haven't had time to try updates yet.

"Ayush" <ayushmaan.j[aatt]> wrote in message
| There is no Registry modification thing in Recovery console but if you
| have a backup (made by System Restore or manually), you can recover
| from the situation (If the problem is in registry) :
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| Replied to [needlove]'s message :
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| > I don't know how to use the recovery portion of the Windows XP CD, I
| > did type "help" like thats gonna help, and didn't see any thing like
| > regrestorefrombakup so i'm pretty lost. I can get into the injured
| > Windows XP but no Microsoft programs are working with the afore
| > mentioned error. If I could just get my backup to restore...I don't
| > use the generic restore system in XP thats all turned off but I know
| > the Volume Shadow Copy service is on. Well, I'm logging off this
| > installation and going back in there to see if i can kill it
| > completely.
| >
| > "needlove" <crunch4einstien@xxxxxxxx> wrote in message
| > news:12lq3e075ks0ha7@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
| >> Hello,
| >> Trying to save a dying operating system Windows XP SP2 with all but
| >> one of the very latest updates. Scanned for viruses with two
| >> different AVS's scanners and am totally free of malware or viruses.
| >>
| >> History abriviated:
| >>
| >> Hopefully this is in order of occurance:
| >>
| >> First I went to safe mode just to look at my account and the
| >> administrator account and when I rebooted, starting normally this
| >> message appeared that I have never seen before: "Windows is
| >> replacing a file that is part of the registry the registry has been
| >> repaired successfully" (The message was similiar to that but I
| >> can't
| >> access the original message at this moment.) I had not made any
| >> manual changes to the registry but had recently installed IE7 from
| >> a
| >> MS download. Everything was working fine except Windows Updates
| >> that
| >> downloaded but won't install, 6 of them, KB923980, KB92470,
| >> KB890830, KB927978, KB905474, KB920213. Using IE 7, and from the
| >> windows update log the initial windows
| >> update errors were, 0x800704dd and 0x80240020. I googled the error
| >> numbers and came up with a mass of information Including a MS
| >> website that exactly fit my problem and I followed the directions
| >> exactly with no resolution. I tried everything to get the critical
| >> updates and did get four out of six, eventually, by manually
| >> downloading and installing them. In an effort to get the last
| >> updates from windows update I
| >> uninstalled IE 7 since it seemed it did not operate under the
| >> proper
| >> permissions. Opps.
| >>
| >> I rebooted after the uninstall and got this: explorer.exe cannot
| >> start "iertutil.dll not found". No desktop of course just task
| >> manager that was limited because of the error: "Ordinal 56 could
| >> not
| >> be located in the dll iertutil.dll". Checked IE and is still
| >> reporting version 7. Can't use MMC, Cant use use backup to restore,
| >> same error all over "ordinal 56 could not be located.."
| >> Not knowing what to do from here I tried safe mode and could not
| >> access my or admins account due to same error. Could not restore to
| >> last know good. I started an XP installation i have on a seperate
| >> drive and copied theiertutil.dll to %systemroot% and dll cache on
| >> the XP installation that is failing. Rebooted into the installation
| >> and explorer.exe did start but still cannot run many windows
| >> applications, including backup restore, with the error: "The
| >> ordianal 56 could not be located in the dynamic link library
| >> iertutil.dll". So now I put the Windows XP SP2 slipstream CD in
| >> and
| >> booted from it. I can get to the repair console but what do I do
| >> from here? I want to repair the registry from a backup I have on
| >> another drive. I'm talking to you now through a styrofoam cup with
| >> a
| >> string attached to it... I went to another installation of XP on
| >> the same computer which also
| >> has IE 7 installed and copied iertutil.dll to