Re: spoolsv.exe High CPU and High Mem Usage

Spoolsv.exe is a container for the print spooler code and any drivers
involved in printing, so high CPU usage in spoolsv.exe is almost always
caused by the driver or the print processors or print monitors it installs.
I would strongly suggest uninstalling any print driver software installed
for your printers, and then reinstall the drivers manually from installation
media (or the built-in print driver list if one is available), then add the
queue for the printer. You can add the driver before installing the printer
by opening the Printers and Faxes control panel, and clicking file > server
properties > drivers > add, and pointing the wizard at the actual driver
location on the driver CD. Once this is done, simply use the add printer
wizard to add the printer, and it should automatically find the driver (as
it will be installed already). This usually keeps those pesky print
pricessors and print monitors from being installed, and makes spoolsv.exe
behave MUCH better.

"Joliboy" <Joliboy.2f4wdq@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Kyle Wrote:
Whenever I print from Outlook or IE the spoolsv.exe
process starts to take up most of the CPU and memory. Any
ideas how to fix this problem?

Hi Kyle,
I am having the same problem. Any luck yet with a solution?