Re: How to run system restore without a mouse or keyboard?

A repair install isn't all that bad.

Bert Kinney MS-MVP Shell/User

"watermanovi" wrote
Thanks Bert,

It is very reassuring to get such a quick response. You can probably guess
how frustrating it is sitting in front of a computer and not being able to
communicate with it, but knowing what I would like to do.

I had spotted your first article (id=307545) previously, but not tried it
due to the problem with not being able to see the Windows drive through my
RAID controller whilst in the Recovery Console. Thinking further on this I
see that the Silicon Image (not Graphics as prerviously stated!) website has
some new drivers available
which may fix this problem. Failing that I will probably temporarily unplug
the S-ATA and power cables from my data drives in the hope that the windows
drive will then show up in the XP Recovery Console. Unfortunately the
Silicon Image RAID controller software does not give an option of disabling.

Thanks again