Re: Removingr UNWISE.EXE from my XP Home Edition.


See Richard Urban's post. ;-)

OK, I took about an hour typing this up this morning.

Let's take for an example, Ad-Aware SE Personal.

What happens if you delete the unwise.exe file from C:\Program
Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware SE Personal?

From Lavasoft help....
[[If you wish to remove our product, try these alternatives:
1. Click "uninstall Ad-Aware" in the Lavasoft folder of your start menu

2. If it does not work, open your control panel, click add/remove programs
and locate Ad-Aware SE

3. If it still does not work, locate and run (double-click) the file
"unwise.exe" (the .exe might not be shown). It should be found in C:\program
files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware SE Personal\
<end quote>

Okie dokie, here we go.

1. "uninstall Ad-Aware" is probably a shortcut to C:\Program
Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware SE Personal\unwise.exe. The shortcut won't work
because unwise.exe has been deleted.

2. Isn't going to work either because...
Ad-Aware SE Personal\UninstallString is going to point to C:\Program
Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware SE Personal\unwise.exe and unwise.exe is not going
to be there. I SWAGGED this, I uninstalled it a while back, but I bet that
I am pretty close.

You can see how 3 isn't going to work, there is no unwise.exe to double

Then you'll have to post here and ask, "How do I uninstall Ad-Aware SE

And someone will post something like these...

How to manually uninstall an application

Uninstall Programs Manually

Yes, Add or Remove Programs tells the program's own uninstaller to do so.
That registry entry that was mentioned earlier...

The value data for the UninstallString is the path to the program that is
used to uninstall the program. UninstallString is what Add or Remove
Programs looks for to uninstall a particular program. Some programs may not
have an actual uninstaller. HijackThis.exe and WINZIP32.EXE, for example,
both use an /uninstall switch.

Normally you need to use the original install/uninstall package to remove
software. Wise/Unwise or whatever the software developer used. I figure
that it's a low bid deal, whatever is cheapest.

unins000.exe is another one, related to the Inno installation service. Inno
Setup is a free installer for Windows programs. uninstall.exe is another
one, I don't know who makes that one.

There are some third party uninstaller programs that are supposed to be able
to remove anything. I know nothing about any of them.

spuninst.exe is another one, this is a Windows Service Pack Uninstaller.

msiexec.exe or the Windows Installer is another one. msiexec.exe uses an
/uninstall switch, msiexec.exe has a boatload of switches.

*.msi files are Windows Installer Files or Windows Installer packages.
Windows Installer can uninstall any program it previously installed.
Windows Installer supposedly removes everything that it installed. I don't
believe that myself.

Add or Remove Programs provides users with a single user interface for
managing and maintaining their programs. The Currently installed programs
list in the Add or Remove Programs tool lists all of the Windows-compatible
programs that have an uninstall program or feature. As mentioned
previously, UninstallString is the key deal. Windows Installer-based
programs also include a Maintenance Mode option. With this option, you can
add or remove features, change the installation state of the program or of
individual components, or repair and restore the installation.

When software is installed, depending on the software, there are files
installed on the machine that might be placed in %windir%\System32 folder,
the Start Menu or anywhere besides the %programfiles% folder, all over the
machine. Most software adds registry entries, Norton is a pig about this.
Speaking of Norton, you need special uninstaller software to even begin to
get rid of that sow.

Just look through an install.log to see what kind of things are added when a
program is installed.

Hope this helps. Let us know.

MS-MVP Windows Shell/User

In news:BEF15D43-2992-45F7-A6A3-227D529E20E8@xxxxxxxxxxxxx,
wumply <wumply@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> hunted and pecked:
"Wesley Vogel" wrote:

Can I safely remove all of these and then IF I want to delete some
jprogram they were bundled with, just use Add/Remove to uninsjtall that?


unwise.exe is an uninstallation package wihch comes bundled with products
with the Wise installer.

If you remove the UNWISE.EXE from a program folder you will have a hard
time trying to uninstall that program.

Read about the Unwise Wizard

Hope this helps. Let us know.

MS-MVP Windows Shell/User

In news:8F921BEE-E285-4D89-8428-45C57BFDC966@xxxxxxxxxxxxx,
wumply <wumply@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> hunted and pecked:
I red the other day that the subjectd file monitors browsing habits and
that it is a registered sevcurity risk and should bae removed
immediateluy. I've noticed that it often comes bundled with products
with the Wise installer. I have 4 such instances:

UNWISE.EXE in folder C:\Program Files\Active Password Changer Demo
UNWISE.EXE in folder C:\Program Ffiles\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware SE Personal
UNWISE.EXE in folder C:\Program Files\Yahoo\Messenger
UNWISE.EXE in folder C:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromedia\Shockwave10

And the following:

Search?hl=en&q=UNWISE.EXE&BTNG=Google+Search in folder C:\Documents and
Settings\John D. Miller\Local Settrings\Temp Internet Files

Google Searach google (
unwise-unwise.exe-Process Information in folder liutilities

Can I safely remove all of these and then IF I want to delete some
jprogram they were bundled with, just use Add/Remove to uninsjtall that?

Wes...a follow-up...well, an afterthought.
WHY would it be difficult to uninstall a program had I removed UNWISE.EXE?
I don't suppose allj programs come with that particular program. Does
every program have its own uninstaller of one type or another.? If so,
does that mean that Add/Remove itself does not uninstall programs - that
it only tells the program own uninstaller to do so? wumply


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