Re: HELP! files out of control in User Profiles!!

We had the same issue with the same symptoms.

It turned out to be related to Webroot's SpySweeper. We were instructed
by Webroot to hide the SpySweeper icon from the users desktop as a
temporary fix.

Webroot is still hammering out the issue internally so an official fix
is still not availabe but this has stopped the problem.

Hope this helps,


BearHuntr wrote:
> We have discovered something that I am unable to find any reference to, so I
> need some help. On various Windows XP Pro PCs with both SP1 and SP2, we are
> seeing an Ntuser.001, Ntuser.002, etc... being created every 15 minutes to an
> hour in all of the local user profile directories and it is starting to fill
> up the hard drive. A virus scan and spyware scan comes up empty. What's
> even stranger is that these files are showing up in User profiles of users
> that haven't logged on for weeks! This is not occurring on every PC, but
> enough of them to be a problem. Does anyone have a clue what could cause
> this? Thanks!!