Re: Windows Explorer HUGE performance issues

Hi, Penny,
I am posting the following, with the thought in mind that you might have
spyware that scans have not found.
Somehow, somewhere, within the last week, my machine became infected with 3
spywares and 1 spy cookie. All this occurred in spite of the fact that I run
with daily updated Norton AntiVirus, ZoneAlarm Pro, Ad-Aware SE Personal,
SpywareBlaster, PestPatrol, Spy Sweeper, Spyware Doctor and CounterSpy.
Scans found nothing except CounterSpy, which found IST.IST (Browser
Hijacker), 007 Keylogger Spy 3.7 (Surveillance), Force 1.59 (Backdoor) and
Hotbar (Cookie). Ad-Aware found 18 negligible items and nothing else. I
have Windows XP Home Edition SP2 with all critical updates installed. I have
been to very few websites - all considered to be safe - and have downloaded
only one questionable software package, that being, Agent Ransack. I had
scanned the download with Norton AV, but I had not installed it. I use IE6,
which is patched with all available Microsoft patches, and I do not use any
IM or P2P software. Windows Messenger is held in check with ZoneAlarm Pro

If my machine could get infected with all this shielding, perhaps your
machines have spyware that your scans have not detected. I highly recommend
that you try CounterSpy.

"Penny" wrote:

> Pentium 4 2.26G machine with 768mb of RAM. 40 Gig hard drive. Pagefile is
> 1.1g.
> This is an XP machine SP2. This is also happening to a machine that's
> identical to mine in specs, except it's a W2K SP4 machine.
> "Jim" wrote:
> >
> > "Penny" <Penny@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> > news:96556F3F-03D0-47C9-B831-B052EA8F56C7@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> > > I'm experiencing HUGE performance problems with my machine! I believe the
> > > problem might be with Windows explorer. When I go into windows explorer
> > > it
> > > takes a full minute to open any type of document.
> > >
> > > When going into task manager, there's no obvious high CPU or memory being
> > > used. This is not an obvious problem and I have spent DAYS trying to
> > > research the this with no answers. I ran virus scans, defragged, all the
> > > usual stuff that might fix such oddities all to no avail. Now I have
> > > several
> > > users encountering the same problem. In a failed attempt to fix my own
> > > machine I ran a utility called lspfix, which totally messed my machine up
> > > and
> > > had to format and start over.
> > >
> > > This is NOT the solution, I've got to find some answers. Since this is
> > > happening here, I'm sure someone else has encountered this and am hoping
> > > someone has figured out what to do. HELP
> > How about giving the system specs? There are lots and lots of reasons for
> > performance hits, but without knowing things like amount of ram, size of
> > pagefile, size of system disk, type of cpu, specifications of the disks,
> > etc., it will be hard to give more than a wild guess.
> > Jim
> >
> >
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