non-responsive cursor, out-of-control scrolling, screen suddenly c

From: larry (
Date: 08/20/04

Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2004 15:04:22 -0700

Not familar with adware. I have spybot. Spybot has backup
and recovery. So if you make changes with it, you can
restore the deleted entries. Maybe adware has the same
thing. If not, it always pays to run error checking - on
your hard drive before reloading your installaion cds.
You may fix your problems with error checking. Need help
running that, search your help with "error checking"
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>Virus software is up-to-date and I scan once a week.
Recently installed
>Ad-aware, scanned for spyware - alerted me to a change
in the registry. When
>Ad-aware asked if I wanted it deleted, I did. Problems
seem to have begun
>Now, I click on a file two-three times to get it to
open. When scrolling,
>document suddenly scrolls to the bottom. While typing
this, my screen
>suddenly went to my home page.
>Am I looking at a reinstall?