Re: Downloading XP Service Pack 1 error

From: Gerry Cornell (
Date: 08/01/04

Date: Sun, 1 Aug 2004 10:57:58 +0100


Do you have a Firewall?

Spyware causes many problems. If not installed download Adaware and update
Reference file from
and use it to remove parasites.

If you are still encountering unexplained processes after trying these
measures then you might look at trying other more sophisticated spyware

Hope this helps.
Stourport, Worcs, England
Enquire, plan and execute.
Please tell the newsgroup how any
suggested solution worked for you.
<> wrote in message
> Hello, dear Biblebum:
>  I am still too ignorant of the suppossedly wonderful
> Windows XP operating system to help you, but it is said
> that we feel better when in the same boat. I am not
> connected to the Internet through a server, and I
> frequently receive the same error message as you. I also
> receive "the page can't be displayed"and others.
> Sometimes, they keep trying to disconnect me after I
> connect with the MSN explorer.
>  I downloaded Internet Explorer from MSN after
> establishing the account over the phone, when my computer
> became recovered --I believed so-- from a number of
> damages caused by a worm. The infection entered the
> system, in spite of the Norton anti-virus program I had
> installed and running. It corrupted several files, moved
> others and impacted Internet Explorer AND the CD-ROM
> functionality. Internet Explorer is still semi-disabled. I
> paid two technicians for the repairs, and any of them
> could leave the system in the same good shape as before.
>  My downloads don't install easily either.
>  Regarding the security packages, me and others suspect
> that those aren't as indispensable as presented by the
> manufacturers. If a security package is so effective, why
> do you have to "correct" it with a new one almost every
> week? These downloads consume a lot of memory.
>  With Windows 98 I never got a virus, not even if using it
> thru a server. And I already know of several business
> owners who regret that they replaced their Windows 98 with
> XP's. After the 98, Microsoft has only complicated the
> Windows OS to the maximum, with the counterproductive
> result that the latest system is the least secure. But
> Microsoft is a virtual monopoly. How sad!
>  I have a personal computer and I am the only user, but my
> XP Professional requires that I work on it as if I was
> more than one user. It is terrible when you use so
> much "security" and still get the hackers' attacks.
> Unfortunately, these damned sociopaths are not suicidal,
> like the other terrorists.
>  I wonder if your hard disk lacks enough memory for a new
> download, or is enduring an undetected illness caused by a
> biological arm of cibernetic mass destruction. That's all
> I can think of, but I could be dead wrong. I haven't had
> the time to get all the XP knowledge that is needed to get
> to use this "wonderful" machine as if it was a normal
> office and communications tool. It is not normal, but
> sadistic.
>   Good luck!
> >-----Original Message-----
> >When trying to install the Windows XP Service Pack 1 in
> my
> >computer, I get the "Could not connect to server" when it
> >is Inspecting the Configuration prior to the
> >installiation.  I don't know how to continue in this
> >important security download.  Can you help me?  It seems
> >the internet connection disables itself periodically
> >internally (if that is possible).  Why I say that is
> >because I am connected to the Internet through my server
> >but I often get this "unable to connect to server" in my
> e-
> >mail program when I am still able to browse the internet
> &
> >listen to Internet Radio with the obvious server
> >connection showing it is operating fine.  I don't
> >understand all this computer stuff!!!
> >.
> >

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