Re: nvram update failed message

ieth wrote:

i am receiving a message whenever i start my pc that says, checking nvram..update failed. it does not give me a chance to at least hit on delete to get to BIOS. all i have on the screen was, checking nvram..update failed and below that is wait....
before this happened, the pc continously reboots or restarts itself. and the last time i was able to see the windows screen to sign in, my 2 user accounts is not appearing , i am not sure if it was deleted or what, but i cannot sign in also using the username after hiiting on ctrl-alt-delete two times.
i have read an article that says something about the battery needs to be replaced. a already did that but somehow, i am still receiving the same error status of nvram .update failed..
anyone who knows about this? i would really appreciate all the help and feedbacks for this issue.

There is not enough information unless one can get to see all of the
messages during the bootup, starting from POST through to starting the
OS. It would appear that the computer startup is in "quickboot" mode.
Find a way to get into bios setup and shift from quickboot to "normal"
boot that includes POST and all of the messages that follow. NVRAM
failure can also mean a failed or undetected keyboard, mouse, bad RAM,
bad HD, etc.