Re: Downloaded Program Files folder is empty after download

Downloaded Program Files is where ActiveX objects are stored.
If "unknown program files" were downloaded without your knowledge of what program downloaded them or what the files are ... then you can use Search from Start > Search > For Files or Folders and do an Advanced search for files created on the date of the download.

How To Configure the Search Companion in Windows XP

Make sure you use the " With Classic Internet search "
Hopefully, you will be able to identify which program prompted the download.

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Jyeshta wrote:

On Mon, 31 Jul 2006 19:09:02 -0700, Dave A
<DaveA@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

"Jyeshta" wrote:

On Mon, 31 Jul 2006 14:29:38 -0500, Sharon F <sharonfDEL@xxxxxxxxxxx>

On Mon, 31 Jul 2006 13:05:35 -0500, Jyeshta wrote:

Hi all,

The other night I was prompted to download and install some unknown
program files. I chose download with the option to install at my
convenience but the "Downloaded Program Files" folder is empty. Any
clues for the clueless? Running WinXP Pro Service Pack 2 on a Dell
Dimension 3100 series. Thank you for reading.


Hard to say where these went or what they are from the details in your
post. If I had to guess, I would say Automatic Updates is configured to
notify when downloads are available. It's possible it's configured to
automatically install the downloaded file or it just hasn't presented the
request to install the downloads yet. If this was automatic updates (a part
of Windows), the downloaded files would not be in downloaded program files.
Instead they are downloaded to ..\Windows\$hf-mig$\<kbnumber for the
update>\. .

The following article explains what to do if you miss the install prompt
after the files have downloaded:

If the update notice was from another program - did you happen to notice
which one? If not named specifically in the update notification message,
the name of the updating program updating is usually shown in the title bar
of the message window. The files downloaded would go to whatever folder
that program uses to store updates until they're installed. Location varies

from one program to the next.

If you remember the name of the program prompting for updates, you could 1) Open the program and look for an "update" button and use it
2) Visit the program's website and manually download and install any
applicable updates.

Thank you, Sharon! No, I didn't see what the files were for. They
weren't Microsoft updates, though.


I can't help with knwoing what the updates were for but I can't help thinking this is a warning to all users how not to look after your computer. You should never merrily download files that you are prompted to download as an "update" without checking what the program is that is trying to install the files. If you do not know refuse the download until you do know. If a program stops working you know which one it was! Also if you download to a certain location (a good idea by the way rather than installing directly) then it helps if you make a note of where you want all such files to go and when the download save box comes up always browse to that folder. I am guessing you do not have a firewall running (maybe Windows own) and have no anti-virus or anti-malware programs installed and ruunnning? If not get some, Grisoft, Adaware SE Personal and Spybot S&D and Zonealarm Personal are all free. Others have varying opinions on what you should run but these four will give you some protection and you should learn how to use them. Malke always has good advice if you search for her posts or her website.
Finally, much like your other post, system restore may help since it usually reverts programs back to the state at the restore point (at least it does for me with AVG and XP updates for example). After the restore the program that wanted the updates will likely ask again and you can take a little more care with the procedure the second time.
Let us know if anything helps

Thank you, Dave. Yes, I do have AVG Free Version antivirus and Sygate
Personal Firewall running. I take your point about trying to set a
destination folder for downloaded updates, even though "Downloaded
Program Files" seemed to be where they'd end up. Maybe I will take
your advice and do a System Restore. Thanks again. Oh, I also have
Ad-Aware too.

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