RE: White box with red X

For starters he can clean up his system. Open IE (Internet Explorer)
and click Tools>Internet Options>click Delete Cookies and Delete Files,
including offline content. Doing a Google search for this problem gave
me more than 10 pages of hits. Here are a few of them:
Red X image displayed where the applet should be, applets won't run - 1.4.2_xx

Pictures Are Not Displayed on Web Sites in Internet Explorer (Red X)

Red X
Today is the first day of the
rest of your life.

"vacaralph" wrote:

My son is signing up for an internet game. We can't view some important
pages/forms. For example, to change his password a screen with a small white
box in the upper left corner with a red X in it is all I get. Is there
something that can remedy this???