Re: How to share Drive or Folder with workgroup members only?

On the XP machine sharing the folders set up users using the same user name
and password used to log into the "other" computers in the workgroup.

On the XP machine right click the folder to be shared and grant *only* the
proper user proper permission to the folder. I would suggest removing the
"everyone" group from access to the shares.


"Jim Strenk" <jimstrenk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Being connected to the internet via a cable modem and router, I wish to
> share either drives or folders so that ONLY workgroup members have access
> to
> the share.
> How do I create a share so that ONLY workgroup members have access to the
> share and NOT have people from the Internet see and access the share?
> My intention is to create a central location on an XP Pro machine that
> allows all workgroup members to have access with read, write and modify
> rights.
> Is there a way that this can be done safely?
> If not, is there some other topology that would allow for workgroup
> members
> only to have access to a drive or folder share?
> Any tips or suggestions on this matter would be most appreciated!